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Configuring Zendesk user provisioning from G Suite

I end up doing a lot of the more complicated G Suite admin stuff at work, especially the SSO integration with SaaSs we use. This past week I spent a fair amount of time getting Zendesk setup. The SAML SSO integration was the easy part. The annoying part was getting the user provisioning right. I'm going to document it here so others might not have to go through the same pain.

Reviving a neglected 3D printer

This past summer, a friend, myself, and our respective partners teamed up and got a 500 sq ft (~45 sq m) studio space in our neighborhood to use as our own art/hacker/maker space. Among the tools that I moved from the house to the studio was my long neglected (2+ years) Makers Tool Works Fusematic 3d printer. I've recently been printing a lot of 3DBenchies to test it's performance and figure out what needs tuning. Undertaking this tuneup reminded me why the printer has been neglected: because 3D printing takes so damn long. Each 3DBenchy takes 60-90 minutes to print at .2mm layer height and 10% fill. so I might only get a couple of tests printed in a Sunday afternoon down at the studio. But now I have a collection of lovely yellow boats and a story to tell. First job was installing the PEI film to the borosilicate glass. I'd never had consistent luck with glue stick or other adhesion applications. It was a giant hassle to get installed and I went through 2 sheets of th